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Eliminate distractions to write more efficiently

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Master Bullshitter
Master Bullshitter
Eliminate distractions to write more efficiently


Writing takes a lot of focus. It doesn’t matter what you’re working on. It could be an enthralling novel, a business proposal or a blog post. Any distraction makes writing much harder. And there are plenty of distractions on your computer.

All your favorite time wasters are just a click away. You have all of your music, videos and games. And don’t even look at your Web browser. The Internet is the ultimate productivity sink.

WriteMonkey eliminates all distractions. It’s a text editor with minimalist sensibilities. It takes over the entire screen. You can’t open another window without quitting. There are also no visible editing and formatting tools. It’s just you and that little blinking cursor.

Behind the scenes WriteMonkey is actually very customizable. Right-click anywhere to bring up a list of tools. You can change the background and text color. Choose something easy on the eyes for long sessions. There are many layout and saving options. Make it your own, and then get to work.

Cost: Free

Link: http://writemonkey.com/index.php

System: Windows XP and Vista

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