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Cake in a jar

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1 Cake in a jar on Fri Dec 18, 2009 5:19 pm


Just heard from an young, old friend who was making "cakes in a jar" for her granny's Christmas present. She uses sterilized, wide mouth pint jars, puts in 1 cup of any kind of batter. Says she can get about 6 jars of cake from a typical two layer cake recipe or box mix. Use the same proceedures you'd use for canning. Make sure the jar tops are clean and boil the lids just before you put them on the jars. Grease the insides of the jars well, don't spray. Check each cake for doneness as the jars may not bake evenly. I suggested that a hot glaze type frosting could be poured on top of the cake surface that has been punctured with an ice pick. Or get a Jiffy frosting mix and divide it up in a snack bag and put instructions as to how much boiling water to add to make frosting for the cake. Someone said they used small jars and filled them with frosting and gave them along with the cake in a jar. Wonder if the frosting was boiling hot, why it couldn't be canned also. LOL. I'm on a roll!! Oh she said to turn the temp down to 325 as the glass bakes faster than metal. Wondered if you could do a white cake, then when the cake is done, puncture the top and pour the jello mixture on holes. Use only half the water to make the jello up. HEY, what about some red jello and some green. That would be cool for Christmas. Then give a package of the powdered cool whip with it....Anyway, here's a link. There were all kinds of recipes there, just Google Cake in a Jar. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Cake-in-a-Jar/Detail.aspx

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