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Track your diet to stay on course w/CRON-O-Meter

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Master Bullshitter
Master Bullshitter
Track your diet to stay on course.........I've just downloaded it and am going to check it out. jw


A healthy diet is incredibly important. Maybe you want to lose weight or just stay in shape. Either way, what you eat is a big factor for success. The problem is, dieting is a pain.

Diets take a lot of work. You have to get the right food at grocery stores and restaurants. And then you have to eat the right portions. Tracking exactly what you eat helps with both of those things. But it’s not easy.

CRON-O-Meter could be a big help. This program helps you track everything you eat. The program contains nutritional information for thousands of items. You enter the type and amount of food you’ve eaten. It does the calculations.

It’ll track your intake of calories, protein, carbohydrates and more. You’ll even get a breakdown on your vitamin and mineral intake. You can easily see if you’re meeting your daily goals.

Cost: Free

Link: spaz.ca/cronometer

System: Windows XP, Vista and 7, Mac OS X

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