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An epic trek through the Himalayas

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1 An epic trek through the Himalayas on Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:23 am


Master Bullshitter
Master Bullshitter
An epic trek through the Himalayas

The Himalaya mountain range is the most impressive in the world. It stretches 1,400 miles across Asia. Over 100 Himalayan mountains exceed 23,000 feet. The range is home to both Mount Everest and K2.

In short, it is a mountain climber's paradise. But there are other ways to experience it. Three friends decided to try something different.

Instead of climbing or hiking, they are paragliding. This is flying, using nothing but a parachute and thermal updrafts. They plan to cover 800 miles in six weeks.

Even more interesting, they are putting it all on the Internet. Their Web site contains real-time tracking information and status updates. They are also uploading pictures and movies of the journey. It's a great way to share in their adventure.


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