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An open letter to my wife.

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1 An open letter to my wife. on Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:11 pm


Master Bullshitter
Master Bullshitter

I love you, I really do. I know that it has been a long times since I have written you a love letter and tell you that in text.
I remember when I would wait online for you to appear. Then wait while you did your job. I would sit for hours and watch your icon. Your text, waiting.
Then you would come back. I have to admit, I did wonder if you were actually talking to another man, measuring him against me. Still, I waited.
But, you always came back. You did play a good game of cat and mouse. You made me stalk you. Then, once I caught you, you made me play with you. It felt good to me and you liked it too.
Still, you played the bitch and wouldn’t even let me hear your voice on the phone so that I would know that you weren’t a gay man.
We had call block. I couldn’t see your number, but no….not even this was OK. You weren’t ready to meet me yet. You still didn’t trust me, good for you.
Still, I hung in there, didn’t I?
I think that the fact that I was madly in love with you was pretty obvious.
I just wanted to say, that I still feel that way. I would sit forever to watch, waiting to answer you. Waiting for you to return to me.
It becomes easy to become complacent when day after day slips by and we both have so many blessings. It is really a miracle that we wake up to each day.
I just wanted to say that haven’t forgotten what made me fall in love with you to begin with and that I still feel it.
I love you Baby.
When I think about how close we came to breaking up, it scares me. I actually spent the hundreds of dollars for the forms and filled them all in.
I didn’t scrimp, that I can say to my credit. I was willing to give you half of everything.
Yes, I had it all mapped out in my mind. I would rent out the other two rooms to fat chicks that I wasn’t attracted to.
This is how far it went in my mind. You were already gone. Yet, I would have someone there to fill the void. As long as someone sat beside me, in my backyard every evening.
But it wouldn’t be you, would it? I’m not in the least ashamed to say that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Let’s just disregard what the booze said.
I never danced, now, I’m a dancing fool, I actually had fans in Galveston. You did this to me my love. I did have a really great time for my birthday. I, alone, got up and danced. I had confidence in myself that I looked good and was jamming onetime. Do you know what that means to me? All of the other men wished they had the balls to do it, and all of the other women were watching me, wishing that their husband would get up and do that.
You gave me this gift, my love and you love it as well. We dance well together, don’t we? For we have become one. What am I without you? What are you, without me? My day orbits around you. We have become so one that in the sense of my individuality, I have ceased to exist without you. As you have me.
We have become so intertwined together that I can never imagine our trying to unravel from each other. If that could be done, which it couldn’t. Good times, bad times, we are forever together as we face them alone and together. I will always be at your side until my last breath.
I Want you and only you for all of eternity. Lay yourself down, and I will surrender myself to you as you surrender yourself to me. Take you in me and become one with me. As of now, there is no me without you. Just as there is no you without me. We have merged and become one and I like it. I really do.

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