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Winter again..................

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1 Winter again.................. on Mon Dec 26, 2011 6:31 pm


Hi all,

Not sure where everyone went, but it's winter again. I have my pond all winterized as much as it is going be. I had my first visit from a blue heron this last June, and a weekend it managed to clean out all of my shubunkin's, and 2 gold gold fish. I'm sure he had to make several trips to eat them all. I re-stocked the pond with cheaper fish, and I was forced to install a 1/2 PVC pipe frame, and bird netting. I managed to watch this stinker return and it watch all the way around my pond and netting looking for that proverbial chink in my armor. He gave up and hasn't come back since. The net is down for the winter, but will go back up when early spring arrives. Man, talk about live & learn. I was really attached to that first batch of friendly shubunkin's & gold fish that I had for several years.

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